Any photographer can shoot with natural light. The difference between pros and non-pros is being able to shoot in low light and with no light. I normally shoot with 4-5 flashes at weddings and receptions. No light is no problem. 

Can you shoot when it’s dark?

I love to travel and have photographed weddings from Texas to Florida and everywhere in between. Just let me know what you have in mind.

Do you travel?

Most brides book six months to one year out from their wedding date.

How far out should I book my photographer?

Absolutely. Love is love.

What about same sex marriages?

We offer a plethora of options from          &            , two of the best album makers in the industry. Your custom album will be designed to fit your personality. We’ll discuss options and review samples during our initial consultation and then again in detail when we get ready to produce your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I understand wedding collections aren’t always a perfect fit. If we need to tweak a package to meet your specific needs let me know and we’ll make it happen.

Can I customize a wedding package?

You can always add time to your package if it’s based on a set number of hours. I charge $200/hour for any additional time you want during your wedding day.

Can I add time to my package?

Pricing varies based on what you want from your wedding day. The best way to see where you fall is to review my

How much do you charge?

When you’re ready to move forward with booking we’ll do a quick phone call to go over some details for the contract. From there it’s a matter of signatures and taking care of the retainer fee.

I want to book, what’s the next step?

I would define my style as a blend of photojournalistic, lifestyle, candid, and editorial.

What if I have a videographer?

This is a tough question and I get it asked all the time…the answer is it depends. Coverage times, family sizes, wedding party sizes and even how active the reception is all make a difference in the number of photos yielded. A second photographer makes a difference too. Just keep in mind I don’t shoot for X number of photos at a wedding. I capture the day as it happens, and you'll get every good photo.

How many photos do I typically get from my wedding day?

I edit every photo I take. I’ve never met a photographer whose photos were perfect and styled right out of the camera. 

Do you edit all the wedding day photos?

Planning for bridals all depends on your dress fittings. Once you’ve had your first fitting we should make plans. The session is usually a few weeks out from the wedding. I’ll develop a schedule for our session depending on where you want photos.

When should I schedule my bridal portraits? 

Every client situation is different, but we normally suggest taking engagement photos in the Spring or Fall when the weather and foliage is most appealing. Depending on when and where we want to take photos, I’ll work up timing for the day.

When should we do our engagement session?

A second photographer is included with most of our packages but can be added to any package we offer.

Do you offer a second photographer?

We provide private access to wedding photos for all of our clients.

Do I see my photos privately before my guests?

Event cards contain the site and login information to view the wedding photos. The cards typically include a photo from your bridal or engagement session, and they’re distributed to guests at your wedding reception. We normally place these next to the guest registry book for convenience.

What are event cards?

Of course. I know your friends and family will be taking photos of the entire day, but you’ll get to see a preview of the best wedding day photos on social media the week following the wedding. 

Do I get to see a preview of my wedding photos?

I use an online hosting site for all my client photos. It’s a private site with password protection, so nobody will see your photos unless you specifically give them access.

How do I view my wedding photos?

Depending on the timing of the wedding it will vary, but my normal turnaround is 3-6 weeks.

How long does it take to edit wedding photos?

I belong to the                                                                            It’s a collective group of pro photographers that I can lean on when the need arises. The local chapter is called the                        and I can pull from a group of pros in case I get sick…but I haven’t missed a wedding in 13 years. 

I belong to the                                                                                        It’s a collective group of pro photographers that I can lean on when the need arises. The local chapter is called the                         and I can pull from a group of pros in case I get sick…but I've never missed a wedding. 

What's your style of photography? 

What happens if I get sick?

Absolutely. I have four camera bodies and six flashes along with redundant backup files for computer storage. Remember, on the wedding day you don’t get a second chance to get the shot. If a photographer doesn’t have backup equipment do not hire them.

Do you have backup equipment? 

All professional photographers will have insurance. Just ask them for a copy and they shouldn’t be offended. If they don’t, you don’t want to work with them. Any good wedding venue will require proof of insurance from the photographer, as it releases them from liability if something should happen.

Do you have insurance?

Let me first say these can be some of the most important photos we capture on your wedding day. It might not seem so at the time, but 30 years down the road when family members are no longer with us they become priceless. That being said, formal photos should consist of immediate family only. We want parents, grandparents, and siblings with spouses and children only. Photos of aunts, uncles and cousins can be taken at the reception. Remember our goal is to get formals of both families, the wedding party, and bride and groom photos taken in a timely manner to get them to the reception.

Who should be included in the formal photos? 

Generally speaking, I can get family photos taken in 30-45 minutes or less. If you have an intimate wedding that can be as quickly as 10-15 minutes.

How long does it take to do family photos?

Of course. A few weeks before the wedding we’ll discuss the wedding day and your vision of how it flows. From there I’ll generate a schedule with timing. At that point we can zero in on what you feel is the most important part of the big day for me to capture.

If I have you for a set number of hours, can I decide when you start?

Venues vary, but generally we stop taking photos 45 minutes to one hour before the wedding begins. We don’t want the guests seeing the couple before the ceremony begins.

How close to the ceremony do we take photos?

It depends on your wedding day vision. There are advantages to seeing your fiancé beforehand. The main advantage of doing this is that emotional release can be captured privately, and you can talk for a few minutes about the excitement of the day. We can also take all of the bride/groom photos, wedding party and family portraits before the ceremony. Allowing for a quick and smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception. Some couples are more traditional and want to see each other for the first time during the ceremony. It makes for beautiful reactions but will make for a longer time from ceremony to reception. I’m happy to go into more detail regarding both options.

Should I do a first look with my fiancé?

I work with videographers all the time and we always collaborate throughout your wedding day to make sure everything flows as seamlessly as possible.

I don’t mind mirroring a few shots using my photographic style. Just keep in mind those shots are styled and should be only used for inspiration.

What about Pinterest Shots?

Of course, my goal is to capture the wedding day with my creative perspective and your ideas in mind. 

What if I want specific shots?

A few weeks prior to the wedding I’ll be reaching out to go over a few details so I can generate a photo schedule of how the day flows up to the reception. I’m the only photographer in town that does this.

What's the timing for wedding day photos?

Anyone helping you get into your dress (bridesmaids, siblings or mom) should be camera ready before you start getting dressed. 

When should my bridesmaids get ready?

Yes, but I’ll slip out of the room for a few minutes while you get into your dress and then step back in for photos of you getting finished up and putting on your garter(s) and shoes.

Do you take photos of me getting ready?

I don’t typically photograph the bridal party without makeup except from a distance in overall shots, but once you get close to finished I will start taking a few shots.

Do you take photos of me without makeup?

Yes, unless I’m shooting another event or other circumstances arise. I don’t photograph the rehearsal, I’m just there to observe and offer input as needed. It also gives me a chance to meet both families, the wedding party, wedding coordinator and the officiant. Not to mention it also gives me a chance to see the lighting of the venue along with any special events during the ceremony.

Do you attend the rehearsal?

I normally make my exit when you do at the end of the night. However, with the limited time packages I offer there is a cut-off time. We'll discuss this well in advance so there are no surprises.

When do you leave my wedding?

A few weeks before the wedding we’ll have a discussion regarding timing for your wedding day. That’s when we cover a slew of questions including this one. The short answer is whenever you want me to. The smaller packages I offer are based on a fixed amount of time, so that’s when this question really comes into play. I usually arrive before you start getting into your dress.

When do you arrive?

I get this question every so often and I don’t mind answering it. I live to capture memories in people's lives, and it brings me joy. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a kid and I’ve been in business since 2008. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and been a CPP since 2017. I’m the President of the Gulf Coast PPA, a local chapter of our national organization. I’m consistent, reliable and flexible and you can count on me. 

Why choose me?

                             mean…and why should I care? 

Our industry, like accounting and other industries, has a certification. It’s not a certificate that you’ve completed a few courses, and it’s not a top rating given by a wedding site. It’s a professional level of accomplishment in our industry that’s earned based on technical and applied knowledge of the craft. It’s something that only around 6% of professional photographers ever achieve through testing and image evaluation. So when you hire one you're dealing with a photographer who is one of the best in the industry.

I’ve photographed well over 300 weddings since 2008, so when you hire me you get someone who’s been in just about every situation. 

What wedding experience do you have?

What does a                                                                                                  

A pro will have full frame cameras (yes, more than one) with dual card slots and multiple pro series lenses (apertures f/2.8 or larger). They should have flashes that they use during low light or dark settings. Ask to see samples of wedding reception photos where flash is used. Ambient light shooters do great work during the day but don’t show flash shots on their sites because they don’t know how to use them. Your wedding is too important not to photograph with professional level lighting especially when it gets dark.

What's considered pro level equipment?